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Transforming ministries flow out of transformed leaders. If you want to arrive at a new destination in ministry, you must leave the well worn path you’ve been travelling and venture out into new territory...

Caleb Leadership Ministries offers a range of long and short courses designed to meet a variety of different leadership scenarios. Each Caleb training course is designed to equip leaders to multiply ministry through mobilizing and equipping their people. What we teach is totally transferable.

Caleb Leadership Course

The Caleb Leadership Course is for Pastors, Missionaries and other Christian leaders. It is intensive, interactive and fun. The course covers the following areas; relationship building, motivation, communication, management, creativity, decision making and developing a training culture.

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Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is a weekend course which aims to help Christians develop effective relationships, as Jesus uses these as a bridge to cross from one person to another. The course focuses on topics such as developing skills and confidence in the art of turning strangers into friends, how to listen effectively, how to be more intentional and affirming in encouraging others and how to make your church a warmer, more welcoming place.

Breakthrough Living

Breakthrough Living looks at developing a purpose in your life and building a strategy to take you there. The course provides skills and tools to implement life change and gain a more Christ-centred direction. It is built around Biblical principles for renewing the mind while providing you with time to reflect, dream, set goals and overcome obstacles.

Relationship Matters

Relationship Matters is a secular version of the Bridge Builders Course designed as a follow on from the Bridge Builders Course. Those having completed the Bridge Builders Course are encouraged to bring their un-churched friends to enable them to develop their relationship skills.

Beyond Words

Beyond Words looks at how the differences in our personalities effect the way we react and interact with others. The course can be adapted for use with married, or singles, or similar groups within the church.

Confident Communicators

Confident Communicators will help you gain confidence in speaking in any public context. Are you giving talks but somehow not connecting with your hearers? Or? Do you freeze up whenever you even think about public speaking? Giving talks in public frightens many people – so we are not alone.

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