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About Caleb Leadership Ministries New Zealand

Our Mission

To empower Christian Leaders to grow thriving ministries,
by providing strategic training in leadership.

Our Beginnings

Caleb Leadership Ministries New Zealand began in 1996 when the Director of Caleb Ministries, Australia came over and ran a Caleb Institute course. Since then a number of our graduates have become trainers and have assisted the Australian team in running courses here. So far 152 leaders have been trained!

In 2003 it became clear that a full time Director was needed in New Zealand to enable the ministry to advance. Rex (along with his wife Yvonne) Booth were approached. Rex first did the course in 1996 and since then has been a very capable trainer and a member of the Board. Over the years has had put into practice the skills and principles of the Caleb Leadership Ministries during his time as Senior Pastor of Manurewa Baptist Church. He is passionate about Caleb Ministries, it's mission and the struggling leaders in New Zealand.

Rex and Yvonne were commissioned in February 2004.

Our Future

One of the exciting aspects of having a full time Director is that we are now able to offer short courses for lay people all over New Zealand.

We are a part of the International Training Alliance, which is helping to deliver this leadership training world wide.

Caleb Leadership Ministries New Zealand is also working with World Outreach to develop training in India for national pastors trained by national pastors.

Caleb is a faith mission, meaning that all staff are required to raise their own prayer and financial support. In 2004, Rev Rex Booth was called to Caleb as full-time director. Rex and his wife Yvonne's passion is to see people equipped for ministry that reaches the hearts of the un-churched with the Gospel.

For more information, please contact us.

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