Caleb Ministries


Caleb Leadership Ministries Internationally

Caleb Leadership Ministries is in the process of taking the Caleb Leadership course into Asia and particularly North Eastern India. We are working with local churches and denominations to make this critical leadership training easily available and affordable to pastors in this rapidly developing country. Our vision is to see pastors at the ‘chalk face’ of evangelistic work in Asia given the opportunity to get leadership training in their home region.

Caleb Leadership Ministries is willing to open dialogue with ministry leaders from other parts of the world who would like us to bring the Caleb Leadership Course to them.

To help make this a reality, Caleb Leadership Ministries needs the financial support of people who understand the vital nature of this leadership training for these financially challenged pastors ensuring the ongoing growth of local churches and their leadership teams.

International Training Alliance

Caleb Leadership Ministries is a member of the International Training Alliance which is a confederation of five mission organisations offering Caleb style training to missionaries in different parts of the world.

Caleb Leadership Ministries Australia

Caleb Australia was instrumental in establishing Caleb New Zealand but sadly no longer operates due to economic pressures.

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