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Empowering Christian Leaders Worldwide

At Caleb, our mission is to empower Christian leaders to grow thriving ministries, by providing strategic training in leadership. Caleb provides quality leadership courses for anyone in ministry and also for those looking to discover God's call on their lives. If you're a leader or want to be one, the Caleb Leadership Course will change the way you understand Christian leadership.

Rex Booth - Director

Leadership Course

2024 COURSE: 23rd July to 2nd August 2024 at St Paul's Trinity Pacific Presbyterian Church Christchurch

Transforming ministries flow out of transformed leaders. If you want to arrive at a new destination in ministry, you must leave the well worn path you've been travelling and venture out into new territory...

The Caleb Leadership Course is 11 days of high quality training that will encourage, inspire and most importantly equip you for ministry leadership. Learn and develop your leadership skills as you work through the core functions of leadership such as communication, motivation, management and decision making.

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Short Courses

Caleb offers a great range of short courses including Bridge Builders which helps you develop relationships that have eternal consequences, Relationship Matters which is a secular version of the Bridge Builders Course, Beyond Words which helps to unzip the mystery of communications in relationships and Breakthrough Living which helps you discover God's purpose in your life.

Confident Communicators is a new course for those wanting to develop their communication skills. This is an effective fourteen hour course that covers all areas of communication. Caleb Plus Training is designed to provide proven leadership skills for the Christian business community but not yet available in New Zealand.

We can also run a Caleb Leadership Weekend to suit your particular needs., e.g. Youth Leader training. See Waikato Anglican Youth

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